Invalid PTR record

Connecting IP must have valid PTR record

If you receive this message when trying to send an email to an address or to a domain which our mail system is responsible for, the internet live IP address from where the email is being sent is a non-compliant internet connection - it has no PTR (short for pointer, also refered to as "Reverse DNS") record.

This can only be resolved by your Internet Service Provider.

If you follow the link to your internet live IP address will be shown in the top right hand corner (Your IP:). Copy this number into the second section of the middle column (Reverse DNS Lookup) and click the RevDNS button.

This will confirm the lack of a PTR record for your internet connection and provide a possible email address for resolution.

If this test does return a PTR record it is possible your email is sent from a different internet connection to that which you use. You will need to contact your IT support for assistance to determine the internet connection for your outbound email.