E-mail Settings - Outlook Express

Setting up your E-mail Client

  1. Click the "Tools" drop down menu and select "Accounts".
  2. Click the "Mail" tab and select "Add" | "Mail".
  3. Enter the name you wish to have displayed on your emails.
  4. Ensure "POP3" is selected as the server type and enter "pop3.xtreme.net.nz" as the incoming mail server and smtp.xtreme.net.nz as the outgoing mail server.
  5. Enter your account name and password as supplied by us - passwords are case sensitive.? If your account name is @xtreme.net.nz you only need to enter the account name.? If your account name is @somewhere.else.co.nz you need to enter the entire name someone@somewhere.else.co.nz
  6. With the account now highlighted you can click the "Properties" button and move through the tabs to verify the options.? On the "Servers" tab be sure to tick "My server requires authentication" in the "Outgoing mail server" section.