All Xtreme connections on the Chorus network include:

  • Unlimited national traffic options
  • One internet live static IPv4 address
  • One internet live IPv6 /56 subnet
  • Multiple IP address/subnet options
  • BGP routing options for redundancy
  • Dedicated bandwidth options
  • Friendly Local support for quick resolution of faults
  • Check your internet usage and traffic via our iPortal or iPhone app
  • Setup email alerts before you exceed your Plan
  • Upgrade your plan within the same month
  • Spam filtering available
  • Multiple upstream providers for both national and international redundancy
  • Peering at the [Wellington] WIX and [Auckland] IX
  • Peering with Microsoft

VDSL2 is not available everywhere in New Zealand, firstly we will need to check with Chorus to see if the service is available in your area and then perform a test on your line to ensure the service will perform satisfactorily. If all the tests come back positive then you will be able to order the VDSL2 service from us.

All Xtreme VDSL2 connections are delivered on a naked copper pair without POTS (Plan Old Telephone Service) into your premises for the best performance possible.

With VDSL2 you can potentially get up to 10Mbps upstream and up to 50Mbps downstream (or more) depending on internal building cabling and distance from your local exchange or cabinet.

BisULTRANZ Unlimited National Traffic Plans****:

VDSL Install fee*** 200 GB* 400 GB* 600 GB* + 200 GB Chunks Overuse**
BisULTRANZ Free $149 $199 $249 + $50 $1

* Price is per month

** Price per GB

*** Traffic is deemed to be international if it passes through our international connections to our upstream providers

BisULTRA Total Traffic Plans:

VDSL Install fee*** 400 GB* 800 GB* 1200 GB* + 400 GB Chunks Overuse**
BisULTRA Free $149 $199 $249 + $50 $1

* Price is per month

** Price per GB

Technical Settings for Router/Modems:

Option1: PPPOE (user name and password) is supported with VLAN tagging (802.1q) with a VLAN ID of 10 is required on the WAN interface.

Option 2: (Bridge) Ethernet encapsulation or RFC 1483 encapsulation, VLAN tagging (802.1q) with a VLAN ID of 10 is required on the WAN interface.

IP Address Space

If you are connecting through the Chorus network you have the option of buying a range of internet live IP addresses to suit your overall internet strategy. Pricing is based on the range of IP addresses required.

Subnet Number of Addresses Monthly Charge
.252 2 $15
.248 6 $30
.240 14 $70
.224 30 $150
.192 62 $250
.128 126 $350
.0 254 $450