Citylink Connections

All Xtreme connections on the CityLink network include:

  • Unlimited national traffic options
  • One internet live static IPv4 address
  • One internet live IPv6 /56 subnet
  • Multiple IP address/subnet options
  • BGP routing options for redundancy
  • Dedicated bandwidth options
  • Friendly Local support for quick resolution of faults
  • Check your internet usage and traffic via our iPortal or iPhone app
  • Setup email alerts before you exceed your Plan
  • Upgrade your plan within the same month
  • Spam filtering available
  • Multiple upstream providers for both national and international redundancy
  • Peering at the [Wellington] WIX and [Auckland] IX
  • Peering with Microsoft

These connections require an installation of the CityLink circuit, a compatible router/firewall and a traffic plan to suit. We can provision all of this for you, including supply of a capable routing appliance and configuration.

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Opta Products

Opta is delivered via fibre to the building and then copper to the customer. The customer is presented with a dual data outlet. Typically the top port is the live handover circuit and the bottom port is spare.

Opta includes 8x5x5 (standard business hours) fault restoration and a service availability of 99.5%.

Quanta Products

Quanta is delivered via fibre to the building and then fibre to the customer. The customer is presented with an RJ45 port. CityLink generally install a 19" fibre tray into the customers rack and then terminate fibre on SC type connectors. CityLink will then install a small CPE device connected to the fibre and give the customer an RJ45 handover circuit from that CPE device.

Quanta includes 24x7x365 fault restoration and a service availability of 99.95%

Additional Options

Add-on services include a second port made active for a discounted rate and multiple MAC address limits for an additional fee.

There are multiple install options available for Quanta. You can have dual fibres into the building for fibre/switch diversity and or dual fibres from the building demarc up two separate risers for internal building diversity also.

CityLink connections can also be used as a Private LAN configuration i.e. point to point or point to multi point connectivity, please call us to discuss options.