Director Profiles

Dion Hallam

Dion spent most of his working life with a local security company where he started off installing and maintaining alarm systems, he soon became more involved in the computer side of security and his latter years were maintaining the two networks required for the security company and alarm monitoring side of the business. Dion founded Xtreme Networks Limited early in 2000 in a spare room of his house where he worked to build it up from there.

Mike Lee

After leaving college at the end of 6th form Mike worked for 2 years for a local computer company supporting clients and assisting with accounting. He then became an auto electrician, attaining A Grade in 4 years. After 8 years as an Auto electrician Mike worked in access control for a year, it was during this time when Mike bought into Xtreme Networks Limited. He then worked part time with a share broking company running end of day procedures and backups on their computer systems while doing an IT course. Mike then worked for one of the major trading banks on their internet banking helpdesk then their business based PC banking product helpdesk before moving to Xtreme full time early in 2003.