Company Profile

Mission Statement. Xtreme seeks to provide complete internet solutions for New Zealand business. Supplying Business Internet Connections with Managed Redundancy Options, Co-Location / Data Centre Facilities, VoIP, Web, Mail, and Domain Name Services.

Xtreme Networks is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.


Xtreme initially started purely hosting its own web site, things have just got better from there. As we started talking to people and asking "Do you have a web site?" or "Have you registered your company's domain name?" we were surprised at how many people knew very little about the Internet as a means to market their business.

After explaining to people they could register a domain, i.e. "your" their business could be on the internet for under 30 dollars a month, Xtreme really started to move forward, from hosting one web site in the first year, to hosting approximately 100 web sites by 2002.

Xtreme started in the northern suburbs, then expanded to office space in Johnsonville, Wellington. At this time Xtreme also introduced a second director as more capital was needed for purchasing more computer equipment.

We were in Johnsonville one year, then moved to a premises in Ngauranga. As bandwidth and connection stability requirements have increased we have now settled in Thorndon Quay, Wellington to take advantage of CityLink's fibre network. With this move we have also formed a business partnership with LANtech, with whom we share the premises, so together we can offer complete solutions for your company's IT requirements.

Xtreme has progressed from a 2Mb Internet connection to a 10Mb connection, and most recently to a whopping 100Mb connection in less than 3 years of business. So things are going very well for us.

There is a lot to look back on and go "wow" but the great thing for us personally has been seeing the business grow very rapidly in such a short time. We must be doing something right. And of course we are based in Wellington, our home town. "Absolutely Positively Wellington"