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Supplying Business Internet Connections with Managed Redundancy Options, Co-Location / Data Centre Facilities, VoIP, Web, Mail and Domain Name Services.

First of all, we hope you and your family are keeping safe and isolating at home. COVID-19 has certainly turned the world on its head and we now wake up each day with uncertainty and apprehension. We are living in unprecedented times.

As with all businesses, we are keeping abreast of the daily New Zealand Government updates and policies on the COVID-19 website. Xtreme Networks is classed as an “Essential Business” and we are taking things seriously – both to flatten the curve and to continue our service to you.

We want to ensure you that we are doing everything we can to deliver the products & services you have grown to trust and depend on for your business continuity.

Here are the extra measures we’ve put in place:

We are now starting our generators daily and physically monitoring our infrastructure closer than we ever have before.

We have reached out to our electrical contractors (HVAC and UPS contractors) and our generator service companies. They are all ready and waiting if needed.

Installation of equipment within the Data Centres is carrying on as normal. If you would like to have more equipment installed please courier directly to Xtreme Networks, Level 1, 191 Thorndon Quay, Wellington. Courier services are operating as normal at this time.

We are closely monitoring all of our upstream circuits & peering arrangements and we are ready to upgrade any of these if needed.

We are now starting to see an increase in domestic traffic within our core network over the last week and we will continue to monitor that closely.

Contacting us:

If you would like to upgrade any of your connections, please email support@xtreme.net.nz

Our 24/7 helpdesk services are operating as normal. Call 0800 469 873 or email support@xtreme.net.nz

If you wanted to reach out directly to Dion or Mike please feel free to call Dion 021 755 873 dion.hallam@xtreme.net.nz or Mike on 021 755 872 mike.lee@xtreme.net.nz

In summary: There will be no disruption to our service to you. Here at Xtreme Networks, we are agile and tech-enabled so it’s business as usual. The Data Centres are still manned during business hours and staff that are on call are still on call. Our team members that can work remotely already are.

If you have any questions, do let us know. We will continue to stay connected as the situation unfolds.

And PLEASE… stay safe, try to minimise travel, enjoy some fresh air and take a moment to reflect on life here in our beautiful country.

The Team @ Xtreme Networks